Branch Magazines

The branches of Greater Manchester produce a number of periodical magazines which are distributed to pubs and bars across their local branch areas and further afield.

Most of the magazines are also available to read online. See the links below.

Beer Buzz

Beer Buzz Cover Apr 2019

Launched in January 2019, Beer Buzz is produced jointly by Central Manchester, Salford and District and Trafford & Hulme Branch.

It is published four times a year although currently the last issue was published just before lockdown in March 2020.

Bolton Beer Breaks

Bolton Beer Breaks was first published in Spring 2012 as a4 page A4 newsletter, converting to an A5 format in March 2013.

It is published by Bolton Branch, usually two or three times a year.

More Beer

More Beer was launched in 2005 by Rochdale, Oldham and Bury Branch.
It is published quarterly.

Opening Times

Opening Times March - April 2020

The longest established of the region’s titles. Stockport and South Manchester branch’s Opening Times began as a simple 4 page newsletter from 1976 to 1977. It then returned in June 1984, initially as a insert in What’s Doing (see below), before becoming a stand alone publication in late ’85 / early ’86. It has been published continuously ever since.

It is currently published six times a year.

Swiggin’ In Wigan

Swiggin’ In Wigan was first published by Wigan branch in January 1996 as a basic 4 page newsletter but only lasted four issues. You can read them here.

It was relaunched in Autumn 2003 and then again in 2012, being published up to the end of 2019. It is expected to relaunch in early 2022.

Wigan branch maintain an archive of more recent issues:

Historical magazines

Over the last fifty years, several other magazines have been published by the local branches or by the region as a whole.

What’s Doing

What's Doing 103 Cover

What’s Doing was published monthly for over 30 years from November 1975 to August 2006 – a total of 369 issues.

Although technically published by the then North Manchester Branch , it covered pubs across the whole of the region.

Its editor throughout its history was Neil Richardson, a local printer and publisher who became an authority on local history extending way beyond its pubs.

You can read The Guardian’s obituary of Neil Richardson here.

A complete archive of all 369 issues is available – click here to view.

Beer Lines

Beer Lines was a short lived magazine produced by Greater Manchester Region between late 1985 and early 1987. In total 11 issues were produced.
Click here to read back issues.

Drinker’s Alemanac

This comparatively short lived successor to What’s Doing was published bimonthly between March 2007 and June 2009.

It was published by the then North Manchester Branch, which covered both Manchester and Salford (the area is now split between Central Manchester branch and Salford and District branch).

Click here to read back issues.

Ale Of Two Cities

After a few years without a magazine, North Manchester branch published this A5 magazine quarterly between December 2013 and Spring 2016 – a period which included the creation of Central Manchester branch and the former North Manchester branch becoming Salford and District Branch.

Back issues can be found on Salford branch’s website: