Good Beer Guide 2022 Selection Process

In order to support Pubs and Clubs CAMRA are planning to publish a Good Beer Guide for 2022 but with a 20% reduction in entries.

As its not possible to hold a meeting to select our entries the Branch is E-Mailing the voting forms our members. 

If you have not received your forms you can e-mail treasurer <at> with your name and membership number she will forward you a form.


If are a Branch Member and you did not receive a form its possible your contact details held by HQ are incorrect, or your preferences exclude Branch E-Mails.

If you are a member and wish to receive branch e-mails visit the members dashboard:-

and check under “my membership” that your E-Mail address and Branch stored by CAMRA are correct and that under “Marketing Preferences”  you have ticked the e-mail option next to “I wish to be contacted by my local CAMRA branch on local events and activities.” If you are undable to access the dashboard then you can ring the membership team on 01727 798440.

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Manchester Pubs Matter Beer Festival

MPMF Logo light background 1The pandemic has ruled out Manchester Beer & Cider Festival returning to the city in 2021. But for beer lovers in the city and beyond, the loss of the physical festival is the least of our worries.

Pubs up and down the country have been struggling to eek out any kind of existence since the first lockdown closed all their doors back in March 2020. And Greater Manchester’s pubs have been under lockdown or severe restrictions more than anywhere else in the country.

At Manchester Beer and Cider festival we love beer and cider. But it was the pubs that let us discover the great ales and gorgeous ciders while socialising with friends and family. Pubs are a vital part of our social fabric and we want to say as loud as we can that PUBS MATTER.

So at Manchester Beer and Cider Festival we have  teamed up with five of Greater Manchester’s finest pubs to bring you the Manchester Pubs Matter Festival.

The Manchester Pubs Matter Festival will run from Wednesday 17th to Saturday 20th February 2021. 

For details of how to participate see the MBCF web site

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CAMRA’s Golden Awards

To celebrate, CAMRA wants to recognise 50 people, groups of people or businesses that have made a significant contribution to CAMRA’s aims. 

Do you know any person or business you think worthy of a nomination? These do not need to be CAMRA members, but anyone who in the past 50 years has gone above and beyond to further the aims of CAMRA. It could be a publican, brewer/producer, pub/club champion, or a campaigner for beer, cider or perry for example.

Nominations are now open and will close on 16 March 2021 (our 50th anniversary).  For details see: 

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Pubs and breweries need more financial support to survive new lockdown: CAMRA

Responding to the new national lockdown in England and the announcement for grants of up to £9,000 for hospitality businesses, CAMRA Chairman Nik Antona said:

“The national lockdown is yet another devastating blow for an already struggling industry, which follows hot on the heels of nearly a year of restrictions, curfews and forced closures.

“It is clear now more than ever that the Government must introduce a new, long-term and sector-specific financial support package to help these businesses survive the coming months. While one-off grant support is welcome, it is nowhere near enough to cover the haemorrhaging costs for pubs and breweries that don’t see any end in sight.

“What is particularly concerning in the latest announcement has been the confusion around whether pubs will be able to operate on a level playing field with supermarkets and off licences during this lockdown – as they have been able to previously. Takeaway sales, in sealed containers, for people to take home, were a real lifeline for the trade in previous lockdowns and restricting that route to market now would be a death knell for many pubs. This will once again provide an unfair advantage to supermarkets and off-licenses that don’t face similar restrictions.

“The Government must recognise that local pubs are a force for good and play an important role in bringing people together, tackling loneliness and social isolation, and supporting their local communities. When this nightmare is over, they will be vital to the nation’s healing process – so long as they are still standing.

“A new, dedicated and decent financial support package must reach our pubs and breweries quickly to save them from permanent closure and help hard-working licensees through this incredibly difficult time.”



This morning (5th January 2021), we’ve written to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to seek urgent clarification and assurances for licensees that they will able to operate on a level playing field during the latest lockdown in England, and to ask that brewers and cider makers also receive grant support. Read the letter below:

Dear Mr Sharma,

I am writing from CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, to seek urgent clarification and assurances for consumers and licensees across England that pubs and social clubs will be able to operate on a level playing field with supermarkets and off-licences during this latest lockdown.

This lockdown is necessary, and everyone must do what they can to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Publicans in England are ready to do this, as they have done twice before, and will continue to help the local response in their communities.

However, pubs and hospitality venues must be allowed to operate on a level playing field with supermarkets and off-licences. Just a few months ago, the Government made temporary alterations to premises licences, allowing pubs to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises, on a level playing field with supermarkets and off-licences. This move was welcomed by industry groups and consumers and was touted by Government at the time to allow some trade to continue.

The latest regulations and guidance appear to restrict pubs from selling any alcohol, except through delivery services, which is not a viable option for most licensees. This is grossly unfair and the latest in a series of measures that have restricted hospitality businesses, while handing an advantage to large supermarkets at the expenses of small, community businesses.

Please urgently clarify that hospitality businesses will be able to operate as off-licences, on a level playing field with supermarkets, selling alcohol in sealed containers for consumers to take home.

Underlying all of this is the need for an adequate, dedicated financial support package that must reach publicans, and brewers and other supply chain producers, as soon as possible.

One-off grant support announced this morning is welcome, but with hospitality businesses facing an indefinite closure period, this will not provide the certainty of adequate ongoing support to safeguard businesses and jobs. It is also unclear as to whether brewers and cider producers will be able to access the funding – please urge Department and Treasury colleagues to confirm that they will as soon as possible. As well as grant funding, the support package must include an extension of the VAT cut to include alcoholic drinks to support wet-led pubs, and it is essential that the business rates holiday for all hospitality businesses is continued for 2021/2022.

Pubs and social clubs will be a central part of the recovery from the pandemic – both for the mental and social wellbeing of communities and for the economy, but this will not happen if hardworking licensees cannot afford to open their doors again on the other side of this lockdown, whenever that may be.

As always, CAMRA, our members and beer and pub lovers across the UK want to support our community pubs, social clubs and the wider hospitality sector when it can reopen again.

Please ensure that licensees are treated fairly, and that a proper business support package is in place so that everyone will have a local to return to when it is safe to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Nik Antona

CAMRA Chairman

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Source: Bolton CAMRA Pub News

Tier announcement underlines the importance of financial support for pubs and brewers

Commenting on the announcement that almost all of England will be placed into Tier 2 and 3 restrictions, CAMRA National Chairman Nik Antona said: 

“After an agonising wait, licensees across the country have had their worst fears confirmed – in all but three council areas in the country, pubs will either be closed or only able to open if they are serving substantial meals. 

“This is especially devastating in the run up the Christmas, where people in Tier 3 areas won’t be able to go to the pub at all, and those in Tier 2 areas won’t be able to visit to socialise safely with those outside of their household – which will increase feelings of loneliness and social isolation after a year that has been tough for many.  

“CAMRA has been clear – we do not think that evidence has been produced to justify extra restrictions on hospitality, and particularly wet-led pubs, but if the Government wants to proceed, they must announce more financial help. 

“It is really very simple – hospitality businesses have been singled out for extra restrictions, so they must be given dedicated support.  

“This needs to take the form of increased grant funding to cover rent and costs, and include an extension to the business rates holiday, and an extension of the VAT cut to alcoholic drinks. 

“This is vital to ensure that communities will have locals to return to in 2021 and can once again reap the social and wellbeing benefits of pub–going.”

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Source: Bolton CAMRA Pub News

Good Beer Guide 2022

We have had notification from CAMRA HQ that it is intended to produce a Good Beer Guide for publication next year. As with this year the actual publication date will be put back until late October 2021. Whilst we appreciate it is a difficult time, particularly in Lockdown Mk2, it is important that we start the process now in order to meet the deadlines set by HQ.

This year, as per the branch constitution regarding GBG, no pub or club gets an automatic nomination and all pubs for consideration have to be nominated by a branch member. I am therefore asking all branch members to e mail me with nominations of any pub or club they think is worthy of inclusion in the next GBG. You can nominate as many pubs as you like but please note I may come back to you to complete a survey on that pub/club. I need the following details:

Name of Pub
Full Address
Your Name*
Your CAMRA membership number*

Closing date for nominations is 23:59 Sunday 6 December.

*Your nominations will not be considered without your name and membership number on the e mail.

Send your nominations to ku.gro.armac.bor@gbg

Out of necessity due to the ongoing pandemic, the process is likely to be very different this year

Full GBG surveys must be completed on each pub prior to the selection meeting.

Due to the lockdowns, completion of beer scoring has been very low in volume and a lot of pubs / clubs do not have a valid number of visits / scores. When the pubs do re-open I would encourage you to use beer scoring in every pub you visit, and certainly if you survey a pub.

As things stand, even with the announcement of a possible vaccine, it is very likely we may not be able to hold a selection meeting (due March 2021). The committee will be making contingency plans should this be the case, based on CAMRA guidelines.

Andy Cooper
GBG Co-ordinator

Source: Rochdale, Oldham & Bury Branch News

CAMRA welcomes the decision to allow beer and cider takeaway sales during lockdown

Commenting on the publication of lockdown regulations which state that alcohol can be sold as takeaway or delivery if it is pre-ordered by phone or online, CAMRA’s National Chairman Nik Antona said:

“I am delighted that the Government has listened to the concerns of thousands of CAMRA members, concerned pub-goers, and beer lovers who have e-mailed their MPs in the last 48 hours urging the Government to allow pubs and breweries to sell alcohol as takeaway during the second lockdown.

“This is a vital lifeline for local pubs and breweries across England over the coming four weeks, giving them a lifeline of income and allowing people to support local businesses.

“CAMRA continues to call on the Government to bring in a comprehensive, long-term financial support package to support all pubs and breweries through the lockdown and the tough months that will follow this winter. Without a sector-specific support package, we risk seeing thousands of pubs and breweries closing their doors for good.”

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Source: Bolton CAMRA Pub News

CAMRA slams proposed ban on takeaway beer sales for pubs and brewers

The Campaign for Real Ale has blasted the proposed ban on pubs and brewers selling takeaway beer during the impending lockdown in England, details of which were revealed over the weekend.  

The Campaign has now written to the Cabinet Office, which is at the heart of the Government’s coordination efforts to tackle COVID, to demand the removal of the unfair restriction. 

In the letter, concerns are raised that the ban for hospitality venues is unprecedented, unexplained, and will only benefit supermarkets and off-sales retailers at the expense of community pubs and local brewers.  

CAMRA National Chairman Nik Antona said: 

“Offering alcohol for takeaway was a lifeline for many pubs, and particularly breweries, during the first lockdown in England. It is a baffling and damaging decision to remove this option, particularly when other businesses such as supermarkets can continue to sell takeaway alcohol.  

“Pubs and breweries were already reporting losses and the risk of closure before Christmas, and this will only add to the risk of permanent closures within the next few months. CAMRA and the entire pub and brewery industry are now urging the Government to reverse this bizarre decision and ensure the survival of our pubs and breweries. 

“We are encouraging all concerned consumers to write to their MP and request the scrapping of the takeaway sales ban to give pubs and brewers in England a better chance of surviving the lockdown. This also needs to be accompanied with a sector-specific support package to avoid permanent closures, otherwise the damage to communities across the country will be irreparable.” 

Concerned pub goers and beer drinkers in England can email their MP and ask for the removal of the takeaway restrictions, and a proper support package for pubs and brewers here:  

The full text of the letter to the Minister for the Cabinet Office reads: 

Dear Michael Gove, 

We are writing from CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, regarding the proposed ban on hospitality venues offering takeaway alcohol during the impending lockdown in England. We are UK wide consumer group representing over 180,000 consumers and pub goers, and we campaign in support of the thousands of publicans and brewers across the country that have been providing a COVID secure, safe space for consumers, since reopening in July.  

Pub goers, brewers and publicans alike all want to stop the spread of COVID-19, but have continually been faced with extra restrictions on trade, without adequate evidence, and without an appropriate support package to compensate them for the impact that these restrictions have on trade. 

As the sector faces another full closure period, the proposed ban on hospitality venues offering takeaway alcohol (as they could during the first closure period) is yet another extra imposition on the industry, which is unprecedented and has been proposed without evidence or explanation.  

This will mean more beer will have to be poured down the drain, with the associated cost of lost stock, and another reduction in choice for consumers, and particularly of cask ale. This is a move that will only benefit supermarkets and off-sale retailers, at the expense of community pubs and local brewers.  

Please remove this unfair restriction immediately and urge colleagues to announce a comprehensive support package for pubs and brewers, to give them a better chance of surviving through this latest lockdown period.  

We will be writing to Ministerial colleagues in the coming days about a sector specific support package to avoid mass closures, and the need for a clear, evidenced roadmap out of lockdown that allows pubs and brewers to return to viability and reboot the economy. Without this. the damage to communities will be immeasurable, long-term, and ultimately extremely costly for Government. 

Yours sincerely, 

Nik Antona, CAMRA Chairman 

Tom Stainer, CAMRA Chief Executive 

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Source: Bolton CAMRA Pub News