Covid-19 – Pub and Club Status – Updated for Tier 3

**** Update **** 24-Oct-2020 ***

Greater Manchester is now in Tier 3 and licenced premised are only able to serve alcohol as an accompaniment to a substantial meal. 

Our Pubs have reacted to this in different ways. Some pubs, even those with substantial food offerings have closed or switched to off-sales only, whilst others where previously only light snacks where available now offer substantial meals.

Be aware that pubs and clubs are operating under strict rules.  You may be required to leave contact details and confirm that all of a group are part of the same bubble. Booking may be required and is often recommended as establishments are operating at reduced capacity. The “Read More” link may have more information but again please check.

If you find any errors please tell us about it using the “Pub News” drop-down on the  Contact Form or by e-mailing whatpub (at)

For details for the whole of Greater Manchester see

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Source: Trafford & Hulme