"Official unofficial" best beer in Salford competition

The “Official unofficial” best beer in Salford competition took place at the recent Eccles RFC Beer & Gin Festival on 17, 18 19 August 2018.

Here are the results as supplied by Martin Parkinson:

  • The beer was split into 4 categories; Pale Ale & Golden Ale, Bitter, Best Bitter & IPA, and Speciality Beers.
  • The winner of each category would then go forward to a final judging panel to find the Best Beer of Salford.
  • Dark Beers are to be judged next year during Winter Months.
  • Four breweries supplied a beer in each category. One brewer did not have a beer which fell into the Speciality category and therefore only supplied 3.
  • During the first stage of judging, i.e. for best beer in each category, all beers were tasted by 4 judges.
  • For the final round of judging, i.e. best overall beer, all beers were tasted by 6 judges.
  • Judging panels were made up of Eccles RFC club members & CAMRA members.
  • Beers were scored out of 10 for: clarity, smell, conditioning, taste 1 & taste 2.

Category Results:

Pale Ale & Golden Ale:

Winner – Pale by Pomona Island

Runner Up – Session by Seven Bro7hers.


Winner – 1863 by Hydes,

Runner Up – Red by Outstanding.

Best Bitter & IPA:

Winner – IPA by Seven Bro7hers

Runner Up – IPA by Outstanding

Speciality Beer:

Winner – Peach by Seven Bro7hers

Runner Up – Witbier by Outstanding

Overall Best Beer of Salford Results:

Winner – IPA by Seven Bro7hers

Runner Up – Peach by Seven Bro7hers

Customers Choice:

  • Going by volume sales of all the beers, Seven Bro7hers brewery were a clear winner with the highest volume of sales – not difficult when you consider they had a winner or runner up in 3 of the 4 categories.
  • Joint second place on volume sales were First Chop Brewery & Pomona Island Brewery – I have put them joint as they were within a gallon of each other and the recorded figures were subject to my reading of the dip stick, with a shaky hand and sore head.

A very interesting exercise to say the least.

Thanks to the CAMRA members who took part in the judging.

Eccles RFC open this Saturday

We still have a bit of beer to get rid of, including category winners & runners up. All the beer has been kept under good cellar conditions with casks sealed since Sunday.

As we have a game at home, Eccles Rugby Club will be open Saturday 25th from 13:00 till early evening. Anyone wishing to come and help mop up the surplus are more than welcome. Beer prices will also be reduced from festival prices.

Source: Salford Branch News